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How to maintain linen sofa fabric

1. Dry well
Moderate drying of the linen sofa fabric can kill bacteria; if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will affect the color of the linen fabric, which will lead to fading and discoloration, and even make the sofa fabric hard and brittle, thereby reducing the comfort of use.
2. Regular cleaning
Dust the linen sofa regularly, preferably once a week. When cleaning, you can use a feather duster and a towel together. First, use a feather duster to remove the dust on the surface of the sofa, and then use a towel to wipe the gap between the armrests and backrests of the sofa.
In addition, it is enough to do regular cleaning. Don't beat the linen sofa frequently, it will loosen the padding inside the cushion and cause the cushion to be easily deformed.
3. Daily maintenance
Don't move the sofa often, it's best to lift it with two people when moving. If you drag it hard, the sofa feet are easily damaged. Also, don't let the child jump on the sofa frequently, so as not to cause the spring to be skewed and damaged.
Detachable and washable linen sofas can generally be washed. If the washing label allows, you may wish to wash them in the washing machine at home. Larger linen jackets can be dry cleaned, but bleaching is prohibited.
If you find that the thread ends on the surface of the linen sofa are loose, do not break them with your hands, you need to use scissors to cut them flat; pay attention to moisture-proof, so as to prevent the brown thread and sponge and other fillers inside the sofa from becoming moldy and rotten.