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How to wash chenille sofa fabric

How to clean the chenille sofa fabric to ensure the integrity of the fabric:
1. The most common method is to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum in the direction of the hair.
2. If there is local pollution, it can be wiped with dry cleaning agent or ordinary dry cleaning agent, then wiped with a damp cloth, and dried in a cool place;
3. It is not advisable to wash with water, and do not scrub with organic solvents such as gasoline, so as to avoid fading and damage to the fluff.
4. If the lint occurs during use, you can wipe it with a clean towel soaked in hot water, gently dry it with a hair dryer, and then comb it straight with a comb. Careful families can also use an iron pad damp cloth to smooth the hair. It can be restored.