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What is bronzing fabric?

The fabric will go through high pressure and high temperature on the bronzing machine to make the appearance of the fabric have a gold-plated visual effect. Of course, in addition to the change in the appearance of the fabric, the functional characteristics of the bronzing fabric will also change.
The bronzing fabric used for clothing is generally novel in pattern, bright in color and soft in hand. After the fabric is finished by the bronzing process, its color and finish will be brighter, giving a golden and glittering visual effect, and it is simple to print and jacquard the fabric, and the bronzing process cost is not high, so the price of this fabric It's not too expensive, and the wholesale price of bronzing cloth ranges from a few yuan to dozens of yuan. In particular, the imitation leather series has a style effect similar to real leather, but the price is far lower than the price of real leather.
Generally speaking, bronzing fabrics are divided into: single-film bronzing fabrics (cloth gluing and film gluing) and single-pressing bronzing fabrics, which are all bronzing fabrics that are first laminated and then laminated.
The bronzing cloth is bright in color, bright in color, graceful and luxurious, soft in hand, wear-resistant and durable, waterproof, sparkling, low in production cost, wide in use and good in visual effect.