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Introduction to the characteristics of sofa fabrics of different fabrics

1. Imitation linen
Imitation linen is the most common fabric for sofas, and most imitation linen are woven from polyester fibers. The appearance of imitation linen and cotton linen are very similar, but the feel is quite different. Since it is not used for wearing, there is no need to use pure hemp. The anti-pilling, non-fading and super wear-resistant characteristics of the imitation linen make it perfect for the application of sofa release.
2. Jacquard cloth
Jacquard is a chemical fiber blended fabric or cotton fabric with a textured pattern, with fine texture, soft and smooth, especially good gloss, drape and breathability. It is divided into two types: white weave and yarn-dyed weave. The general jacquard fabric can be used as sofa, bed sheet, curtain and other decorations.
3. Composite cloth
The composite cloth has the characteristics of waterproof, breathable and comfortable, which is very suitable for the production of sofa release. As far as the technology of composite cloth on the market is concerned, it is already very mature.
Chenille is a new type of fancy yarn, also known as chenille, which is currently very popular in the market. Its use gives home textile fabrics a thick feel, which is gorgeous and noble in appearance, full of suede, highly absorbent, soft and comfortable to the touch, good drape, and very warm.
5. Flocking cloth
The flocking cloth is bright in color, soft to the touch, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, heat-preserving, non-fleece, and wear-resistant. But this kind of cloth should be paid attention to when cleaning, do not rub it in water or brush it with a brush, just use a cotton gauze dipped in alcohol to gently wipe it.