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Does chenille fabric stick to wool and absorb ash?

Chenille fabrics will not stick to wool and absorb ash. Chenille fabrics are very difficult to wrinkle. For example, many fabrics will have more wrinkles after being folded, which will greatly affect clothes or household items. An aesthetic that requires ironing every time to get it back to its original shape.
However, the chenille fabric can effectively avoid this kind of gas deposits, not only the hand feeling is very thick, but also there is no wrinkle phenomenon when folding, and a daily ironing can be omitted directly, which is very convenient.
The chenille fabric is mainly fiber. Once the fiber is held together with the core yarn, the suede will appear much fuller, with a velvet texture, soft and comfortable to the touch, and will not feel prickly.
The texture is relatively thick. In summer, chenille fabric can perfectly block strong light and ultraviolet rays that damage the skin, protect household appliances and furniture, etc. In addition, it will have a certain warmth in winter. The cold wind can't get in at all.