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How to remove the smell of linen sofa cover?

1. You can lay the linen sofa cover flat, put a towel on it, soak it in water and wring out the water, and then turn on the iron to iron the whole surface of the towel. Iron it through the towel, and the odor will disappear and transfer to the towel.
2. Spray the perfume with incense effect on the clothes or put the sachet in the clothes.
3. Bamboo charcoal deodorant to eliminate odors.
4. Use camphor oil to smear the surface, and then wash it with washing powder.
5. Soak in silk wool detergent for ten minutes, rub gently for a while, and rinse. After drying in this way, the smell of motor oil will be replaced by a light detergent fragrance.
6. Use very hot boiling water + washing powder, soak for a while, then pick it up and rub it vigorously. After washing several times, you can soak it for a while, and then put it in the washing machine to wash it.
7. Add some vinegar to the water. If the color of the clothes is light and there are no flowers, you can add some.