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How to match the color of the living room sofa

1. Cyan blue + log accessories
The first impression of the sofa with blue and green color is full of natural atmosphere, but it is inevitably too monotonous; we can decorate it with a few eye-catching grass green and lemon yellow cushions, and then use logs to decorate the sofa to enrich the sofa level.
2. Classic black and white + antique accessories
The self-confident and independent black and white sofa should be concise and bright in the selection of patterns; it should be matched with wrought iron ornaments with lace patterns and antique side tables; only when the style is unified, can it be a good representative of the classics.
3. Bright white + branch pattern
Sufficient natural light sources and a sofa wrapped in a twig pattern seem to have the effect of relieving stress and calming the mood; most people who live a generally peaceful life will choose such a sofa to perfect their home style.
4. Princess powder + flower pattern
A series of bright pinks will make your sitting posture on it become sweet naturally; colorful stripes and large flower patterns feel simple and unpretentious, and it is also a trick to match pink.
5. Light purple + fashion accessories
In my impression, light purple is rarely used as a sofa, but it cannot be denied that purple is the love of elegant women. It is matched with light purple walls, white blinds, metal coffee tables, and tea sets with ruffles, creating a light and classical style. come.