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How to choose the living room sofa cover

In daily life, it is inevitable that there will be times when the sofa gets dirty. A suitable sofa cover can better protect the sofa, so how to choose a sofa cover for the living room? Summarize the following points for reference.
1. Sofa cover color
To choose a fabric sofa cover, you should choose the color according to the decoration style of the living room. You can choose red and orange for festive ones, blue and green for simple and fresh style, and small florals for pastoral romance.Leisure living room sofa cover is also a kind of best choice.
2. Material of sofa cover
Soft and good fabrics will be comfortable to sit on, so choose soft and comfortable fabrics as far as possible for fabric sofa covers. In addition, if you change sofa covers frequently, you should choose fabrics that are easy to clean. Some fabrics are not easy to clean after being soiled. Cleaning should be avoided.
3. Size of sofa cover
The sofa cover is set on the outside of the fabric sofa, so you must choose according to the size of the sofa. You can choose the right one, so that the sofa cover on the sofa will not move, and you can sit comfortably and look clean and fresh.